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In Your Diva

Owner: Runterrea

In Your Diva

Camera Guy: Zyon

My Mom loved to shop for clothing, and as a little girl, I used to accompany her and watch her put together outfits, accessorize, and enjoy the hunt of finding great bargains.

She was always well put together and never left the house without her makeup on.  She taught us that how you dressed was a reflection of who you were and where you were going!

I've struggled with shyness my whole life, but I've learned that when I wear the right clothing I feel more comfortable and confident. 

I've been trying to find myself forever. I did a Bachelor of Health Care Administration at the University of Phoenix, followed by a Master's in Public Health at Grand Canyon University. Yes, I'm overeducated.

My son Zyon is now 9 years old and as a single mother I found it challenging to take care of myself, dress well, and walk out the door looking good and feeling great. Maybe other mothers felt the same way?

I was waiting to find my time to spread my wings and fly, and this business is me taking off! I want to help other busy moms look and feel great with less effort and without breaking the bank.

Zyon helps me run my business and I hope that the experience will teach him that you have to work hard to get what you want. Who knows, maybe one day he'll start his own business.

My friends mean everything to me and I love to hang out with them and let go, usually with a good glass of wine. We talk about clothing, business, travel. We dream!

Cheers to being courageous, fearless and cute!